Here is how our new COVID-19 tool can help:


Our IMPACT-SCORE can help you visualize and assess the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on your customers and subsequently its impact to your business.


Our COVID-SCORE can help you re-calibrate your marketing strategy based on the degree of the COVID-19 impact to your customers.

Send Newsletters and Offers

Send Newsletters and Offers

Communicate effort and actions taken to protect health and hygiene of your customers and boost their confidence to encourage visits.

Launch Surveys

Launch Surveys

Gather insights into your customers' anxiety and expectations to re-engage with your brand and services provided.


Safe Social Distancing Practices

Allow customers to place themselves in a queue via SMS to prevent over crowding and practice safe social distancing at restaurants, bars, buffets, and other amenities.

Set visit timings to isolate at-risk customer groups.

Physically distance equipment based on the preferences of impacted players and limit interactions.


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enhance customer experience and optimize costs.

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