BEAMSTUDIOTM BIG Data and Machine Learning enabled
CRM Platform

BEAMSTUDIO CRM helps you make intelligent, data-driven decisions about your customers.

BEAMSTUDIO uses an innovative immersive data analytics process to determine the future value of each customer by calculating a unique SPENDSCORE for each customer and then uses this valuation to more effectively allocate your marketing spend by:


Enabling personalized, targeted marketing campaigns that are more likely to meet your revenue objectives


Providing real-time predictive and prescriptive actionable insights that optimize revenue and operational efficiency

customer experience

Optimizing marketing spend by reducing over-investment in less valuable customers

campaign revenue results

Encouraging improved campaign revenue results driven by reduced costs and more effectively targeted campaigns

customer engagement

Enabling automated customer engagement through an intuitive CRM platform that increases your ability to predict and respond to shifting demands and opportunities

Direct Mail

Send monthly direct mail coupon booklets to segments redeemable throughout the month or year. Offer packages can be easily created and attached to the direct mail campaign.

Once the mailers are created, this tool will help you analyze profit and revenue by department based on the offers sent and redeemed. With this feature, all future direct mail campaigns can be analyzed for effectiveness.


Customer Acquisition

Target new customers with offers and communication. Utilizing the information in your current database define and extract a tailored set of attributes and behaviors of your ideal customer.

For example, utilizing SPENDSCORE you can extract a list of customers in the higher range or a list that can be utilized to identify other potential customers that match that criteria.


Optimize Departmental Revenues

Create targeted marketing campaigns when a department must increase revenue. In combination with the BEAMSTUDIO forecast tool, this campaign module will provide the ability to help maintain revenue levels and achieve growth targets.

Campaigns can be for one or more department and multiple targeted customers can be selected.


Target Customers

Create targeted marketing campaigns that focus on improving engagement with specific types of customers. These can include campaigns to increase loyalty, increase visits, increase spend, reduce under visiting and dormancy.

Another approach that this tool can be used for predicting the future of visits. In other words, reducing under visiting and dormancy since the system tracks behavior and knows when a customer is expected to visit.



Under-Visiting Customers

Under-Spending Customers


Promote Reach

Utilize social media platforms and search engines to create and place a targeted marketing campaign. One screen to create the offers in multiple social medial platforms and search engines using behavioral attributes and key words to target customers.













Engage Customers

Tool to send standard offers and content to customers. Utilize any combination of segments created. In addition to utilizing segmentations, SPENDSCORE can also be utilized as a factor for who to send these offers to.


A/B Experiment

Compare multiple measurable properties of two customer segments. The module will help determine which offers are the most optimal for certain segments. It will help save time and costs when determining which offers to send to certain segments.

It will also help determine which communication channel is the best for a segment. This understanding of a customer’s preference will assist in them responding to the offer in a timelier manner.

Offer Content Effectiveness

Click Through

Offer Acceptance Rate



Time on Site

Number of Trip Visits

Forecast Configurator

The ability to track forecast information by department. With historical data also available this tool can track year over year revenue and costs.

With that data available, predictions can be made, and the tool will provide campaign suggestions based on the data entered.


360 Degree Customer View

Contains a dashboard to view the value of the selected customer, including SPENDSCORE, ADT, investment and more. Can view the customer’s demographics, preferences, activity, and profitability. It also gives you detailed insight into the customer’s behavioral attributes.

Additionally, customer’s activity is provided by trip in detail which gives a good understanding of the type of games they play, venues visited and offer redemptions. This screen also provides an historical look at the customer’s offers and redemptions. It also provides the ability to send an offer to the customer on demand.


Historical Metrics

Demographic Information

Spend Activity



Offer Preference

Third Party Integration

Whether hosting onsite or through the cloud, Beamstudio can integrate with other systems via an easy to use API layer making the effort minimal. This includes all slot systems, table systems, hotel systems, reservation management tools, and any other system currently functioning at your property.

The XUVI team has significant experience with making the integration as seamless as possible so there is no disruption to your daily operations.


AR Experience Manager

A tool that can be used to create a unique Augmented Reality experience for each customer on and off property. This module provides all the necessary tools to easily create the experience which can provide customer awareness of property features, special offers and more. Augmented Reality also provides you the ability to create real-time and demand-based upselling across all venues.

Once the experience is created, It can easily be integrated into your current app. Customers will always have access to the latest Augmented Reality experience.


Event Manager

Create event-based offers (Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, etc.) that are automatically generated. Information is pulled from the customer’s profile and personal events to determine the offer.

In addition to the traditional events that reoccur, this tool can generate offers based on events at a game. For example, an offer can be sent to a customer upon winning a jackpot. Overall, this event automation tool helps to increase brand loyalty and customer response without requiring additional resources.


















Provide an offer to a customer via a gamification experience that engages them in a mobile-driven activity by replacing static marketing offers with interactive games that reveal their offer or prize. It is also a tool to provide more effective engagement of customers when off property.

This is integrated as an option within all the campaigns and events that are created for customers. Gamification offers can also be used as a follow up offer part of a customer journey. Examples of these could be spinning a wheel or picking a prize to name a few. However, other ones can be customized to your customers.

Spin the Wheel

Spin the Wheel!

Pick a Prize

Pick a Prize!

Gift Box

Gift Box!

Journey Manager

Tool to increase engagement when a customer receives an offer. By automating many routine marketing tasks, it increases department efficiency while ensuring campaigns are executed within budget. Alternative offers can be automatically sent based on the customer’s action. This can include sending it via a different channel than the original.

The Journey Manager also tracks visits to other venues like the hotel or spa. This provides for an option to send the customer communication upon the end of their visit to that venue.

Journey Manager

Campaign Performance

Evaluate segments, campaigns, or both by selecting certain variants or behaviors. There are multiple variants and behaviors that can be selected to provide multiple ways to look at the performance.


Marketing Planner

One screen to look at your past and future campaigns. The achievement details are provided so that a quick analysis can be done on whether to repeat the campaign. Campaigns can be easily copied to future dates so additional setup time is not required.

Marketing Planner

Customer Segmentation

Create segmentations of customers for campaigns and events. It also allows you to leverage SPENDSCORE to predict the future behavior of each customer and recommend specific offers more accurately.

These segments can be utilized in a variety of combinations and be attached to any campaign or event that is created.


Marketing Content Manager

Create dynamic content for Push Notifications, SMS and email that will be used when sending offers to customers. When a campaign or event is launched with the selected content, offer values will be automatically inserted when sent to the customer.


Offer Management

Ability to create a repository of offers that will be available to send to customers through campaigns or events. This includes the ability to create offer packages for direct mail campaigns.


$200 Casino Cash 1

$200 Cash


$100 Casino Cash

$100 cash voucher that can be used in any casino department


500 Points Offer

500 Points Offer


$50 Casino Cash

$$50 Cash Offer


$30 Casino Cash

$30 Cash Offer


$10 Table Play

$10 Table Play

BEAMSTUDIO picks up where
most CRMs leave off.

How it differs from other CRMs

BEAMSTUDIO offers several key advantages over other CRM tools. Powered by SPENDSCORE which uses a much broader data field to predict each customer’s future behavior and value, BEAMSTUDIO is a powerful, first-of-its-kind CRM tool that can dramatically increase the effectiveness and accuracy of your customer engagement efforts.

Using its easy-to-use advanced segmentation capabilities and intuitive tools like Smart Suggest, a powerful Offer Engine and Event and Content managers, BEAMSTUDIO enhances how you engage with your most profitable customers while reducing overspending on customers less likely to respond. And, its centralized real-time dashboard provides up-to-the minute campaign status, current activity performance metrics and actionable insights across multiple operational areas, allowing you to optimize your marketing initiatives and reduce overspending on lower-value customers.




Automatically manages each customer’s net-worth to your business, updating values daily when new data is received



Our Segmentation capabilities extend beyond traditional spend related attributes and use 100s of behavioral, big data and predictive attributes

Smart Suggest

Smart Suggest

Facilitates instantaneous objective based customer segmentation, better offer management and automated communication

Offer Engine

Offer Engine

Our Offer Engine creates the best recommended offer for each customer and automatically manages the offer value over time

Event Manager

Event Manager

Our Event Manager manages customer key events automatically using a variety of common triggers, eliminating the need for human intervention

Content Manager

Content Manager

Our Content Manager simplifies content distribution by creating placeholders for key value components

Five key ways BEAMSTUDIO
helps your business

In an increasingly competitive global market, it’s no secret that savvy gaming and hospitality companies rely on data analytics to stay ahead. BEAMSTUDIO was created to make customer segmentation, revenue optimization, marketing automation and customer experience enhancement easier and more effective than ever before.

The Challenge :

Many operators find it challenging and time consuming to segment their database using anything other than customer spend and visitation patterns

Solution :

SPENDSCORE uses dozens of customer behaviors to conduct extensive assessments that more accurately determine a customer’s future value, and BEAMSTUDIO’s Scenarios uses this information to create customer segments that more accurately reflect those most likely to respond to a particular marketing campaign or offer.

The Challenge :

Many operators use reactive instead of proactive customer communication causing them to lose valuable engagement opportunities

Solution :

BEAMSTUDIO’s Journey Manager allows automated, triggerbased communication with customers to eliminate missed opportunities. By automating many routine marketing tasks, it increases department efficiency while ensuring campaigns are executed within budget.

The Challenge :

Many operators rely on reactive marketing campaigns to remedy business conditions rather than using predictive and prescriptive data analysis

Solution :

BEAMSTUDIO’s Event Manager interfaces with your core systems to monitor key events and recommend and deliver real-time marketing messages and offers. This unprecedented level of responsiveness increases your customer touchpoints without added expense.

The Challenge :

Many operators are unable to proactively engage with customers at optimum opportunities resulting in lost revenue and increased customer apathy

Solution :

The SmartSuggest function prescribes and automates actions that can help you identify and address potential business shortfalls. With real-time visibility into how you are progressing toward revenue goals, it provides critical, timely insight needed to maximize your operations and revenue.

The Challenge :

Many operators rely solely on historical data reporting with time consuming manual creation resulting in missed business optimizations.

Solution :

BEAMSTUDIO’s customizable Smart Dashboards show real-time historical and predictive data trends, giving you immediate, actionable business visibility into how your marketing efforts are impacting operations and profitability.

valuable tool?

With its extensive CRM process automation, BEAMSTUDIO drastically reduces the usual extensive human analysis required to manage your customers, events, segmentation, promotions, offers and content. This means that your marketing team can focus on executing more effective and profitable campaigns rather than spending valuable time mining your data to ensure you are reaching your most valuable customers.

With unmatched features like an advanced offer engine powered by a first-of-its-kind segmentation tool that uses SPENDSCORE to more accurately value your customers, an intuitive event and content manager as well as SmartSuggest, a powerful tool that automatically aligns offers with your operational objectives, BEAMSTUDIO solves many of the challenges inherent in other CRM systems being used today.



More Effective
Marketing Campaigns

BEAMSTUDIO enables personalized, targeted marketing campaigns more likely to meet your revenue objectives


Predictive & Prescriptive
Actionable Insights

Its real-time analytics provide predictive and prescriptive insights that help you optimize revenue and operational efficiency

Smart Suggest

Marketing Spend

By reducing or eliminating over-investment in less valuable customers with more accurate segmentation, it optimizes marketing spend

Offer Engine

Improved Campaign
Revenue Results

BEAMSTUDIO encourages improved campaign revenue results driven by reduced costs and more effectively targeted campaigns

Event Manager

Automated Platform

Its intuitive, automated platform increases your ability to predict and respond to shifting demands and opportunities

Content Manager

More Responsive
Customer Engagement

By enabling automated customer engagement, its intuitive CRM platform increases customer engagement and brand loyalty

with your existing systems

Unlike other CRM products being used today, BEAMSTUDIO does not require a lengthy integration process to connect to your existing systems. In most cases, we can integrate, install and launch BEAMSTUDIO and SPENDSCORE in under 30 days, and once launched, they seamlessly retrieve the data needed to optimize your marketing efforts and initiatives.



Deploy on-premise within your data center, or in a private/public cloud, or in a hybrid on-premise/cloud model with data on-premise and processing in the cloud

physical machines

Compute agnostic and can run on physical machines, VM farms or serverless environments

Data security

Data security, single sign-on and identity management integrated with your existing on-premise security framework

Casino Management Systems

Integrate with your existing Casino Management Systems using GSA S2S (system-to-system) protocol


CRM automation software platform to build brand loyalty,
enhance customer experience and optimize costs.

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